About Us

My Story

Imagine this: a community where old buildings are alive again, neighbors connect over art and service, business owners' dreams come true, and youth who need help are getting the services and opportunities they need to thrive.

That vision is what I wake up to every morning.

I'm Suzanne Luther. A lifelong Jefferson City resident, I spent 25 years teaching, creating art, and running a couple of small businesses. It was at Jefferson City Public Schools that I realized how many students didn't have homes to go to.

After I retired, I finally got to act on my dream that had been building for a while. 

We've been building our network since 2016.

Our first art house is in Jefferson City, Missouri, near the State Capitol and the Katy Trail. The house will function as a bed and breakfast and a one-bedroom apartment dwelling. Part of the B & B will serve as an evolving gallery for local artists, and their creations will be for sale. 


We can't do it alone.

I want to build community around Four Quarters Art House, from the talented team at my side, the individuals backing us on Patreon, the artists and community members who contribute to our buildings, and the guests who come through our doors. Your support and encouragement makes me confident this vision will become a reality.


Here's how it works:

Four Quarters Art House is a business driven by a vision: A cycle of community healing, where old and unused buildings get facelifts, artists contribute paintings and sculpture to the interior, and small businesses move in to make their own visions thrive. 

Part of the profit from each business will be donated to charities alleviating youth homelessness.

It starts with many people giving small amounts consistently.

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