Featured Artist: Jèan Apollo

Jèan Apollo portrait by Four Quarters Artist Adrienne Luther

You may have seen Jèan Apollo around town. 

Maybe you saw him on High Street, or at Lincoln, or even walking to work. 

“That’s the point,”  says local rap artist Apollo, “I want to be accessible. I want to be tangible.”

“I want people to say, ‘I used to see him walking to work. I want for people to see the growth in me.”

With a 4-track EP in the works, Apollo hopes you’ll spot him more often. 

The EP is the product of hours of hard work and creative sessions. 

Since childhood, Apollo has been mastering his craft. 

Apollo’s love for creating music began when his brother would remix songs with his friends. He found the creative session between his brother and his friends influential and exciting. Almost immediately, Apollo began to tinker with the art form himself. He started with simple stuff, like music written by others. He’d learn the verses and practice often. 

By age 11, Apollo began writing music himself.

Since then, Apollo continues to push his music further – skillfully integrating layers of technical tricks and experimental beats into tracks available online. 

Those elements are best exhibited him Apollo’s recent release, Wade Wilson

“[Every song is] like a Rubiks Cube of words,” Apollo says, “I love it.”

When it’s not a puzzle for Apollo, it’s an outlet.

“Music is my fidget spinner. I need to do something with all of these feelings,” Apollo says.

Apollo’s newest EP, which he drafted in a single day, is “free.” Apollo likened his musical work to that of Jackson Pollock. Pollock’s wild process and freedom of expression – all exciting elements true to Apollo’s technique as well.

“This is me saying, ‘You know what? I’m going to throw the paint out of the can and see where it goes.”

When he isn’t producing music, Apollo and his wife work together on their nonprofit, Project23. They’ve been planning things for a couple of years now. The nonprofit is dedicated to providing accessible connections and financial literacy education to individuals in need. 

We’re proud to feature Apollo as a Four Quarters Artist and hope to see Apollo around town soon. We hope you’ll see him, too.

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